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projects to take wind, water, and solar , convert to energy and store for anytime use.

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your project more successful, sooner, by using the latest techniques, products, combining with our experience on energy management, production and storage.


About Us


RENSTOR is a new and exciting RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS company, providing a full spectrum of design, Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC), project management, and facility operations/ maintenance services. We are confident in our manpower and experience to execute the project in the highest professional manner.


RENSTOR staff has been providing sustainable designs for more than 15 years. From our offices in the US, UAE and Georgia, we offer global consulting to assist our clients in planning, development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of

critical infrastructure.


At RENSTOR we go beyond simply consulting and are committed to the bigger picture.We make it a priority to work closely with the entire project team to understand the vision, sustainability and goals of the customer's projects.

Message from the Chairman

On behalf of the team of dedicated professionals at RENSTOR, let me welcome you to our website. We hope it will give you glimpse into our mission, philosophy, and practices that make us who we are, what we stand for, and what we strive to achieve.

We look forward to collaborating with your team to meet your organization's needs and strive to be your partner in success!


Adrian Clark

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer






Our Services

Renewable Energy Systems

  • Energy Generation, Management and Storage systems concepts and design
  • Energy Auditing and Modeling
  • Testing Adjusting & Balancing Services and Commissioning Services



Construction Design and Management

  • Construction Plan and Scheduling
  • Tender planning
  • Pre-Construction and Controls Set-Up
  • Construction Stage Time Management and Reporting; Construction Delay Analysis
  • 7D Building Information Modelling (BIM)



Renewable Energy Systems

Energy Systems Concepts and Design

Energy/Power generation, its management and its storage design and construction are a large part of our experience base. RENSTOR has worked on multiple solar and wind projects from greenfield design to in-service upgrades at the substation level.

Energy Auditing and Modeling

Energy auditing and modelling for existing facilities is also an additional capability RENSTOR can provide. A review of the current design and energy usage of a facility can yield reduced energy costs and add years to the life of the facility through modernization of the building materials.

Test and Measurement

Testing, adjusting, balancing services and commissioning are an integral part of the life cycle of any project. Following initial construction, RENSTOR is able to create a plan for the testing and commissioning of the facility, as well as developing a maintenance and testing program for the continuing future of the project.





Construction Design and Management

Construction Plan and Scheduling

We are experts,

delivering the precise mix of planning, monitoring,and control that a construction project needs to ensure its successful completion.

Using our skills and knowledge, we take a fresh approach to construction planning, project sequencing, controls and time management. We use

the leading planning software available today.

Tender planning

From initial concept through to formal tender bid submission,we provide the expertise for success. We prepare detailed construction tender programs including a proposed sequencing strategy, method statements, guidance on staffing allocation/costs, logistics and all other time related costs. We also provide expert guidance on the visual and verbal presentation of winning tender planning bids Depending on the unique project requirements, we can provide some or all of the below documents to support your tender planning submissions:

  • Detailed tender planning programs, integrating design, procurement,
  • construction, commissioning and handover
  • Methodology narratives
  • Resource histograms
  • Phasing / Sequencing diagrams Program risk analyses
  • Logistical layouts including site establishment, crane positioning,
  • Scaffolding and temporary access Supplemental supporting data on outputs and approach

Pre-Construction and Controls Set-Up

RENSTOR can support you

by developing a thorough project controls system, tailored to suit the needs of your project. This includes preparation of a detailed project master plan which integrates design deliverables, procurement and construction planning. The master plan can be used to prepare a series of project templates including tracking schedules, procurement and design delivery schedules and as a basis for establishing project reporting procedures.

Construction Stage Time Management and Reporting; Construction Delay Analysis

Renstor has the expertise to complete a Construction Delay Analysis, the

analytical process through which we use Critical Path Methods (CPM) techniques along with a forensic review of project documentation and other relevant data. This analysis enables us to understand how the planned versus actual schedule was performed and ascertain the impact of the delay on the project. We work in confidence and as efficiently as possible to ensure that a delay claim can be represented comprehensively.

Construction Stage Time Management and Reporting

Our services include delivery of the following: 

  • Development of tender stage plan into detailed construction program both contract and site target program
  • Integration of design elements and procurement with construction activities
  • Establishment of subcontractor detailed programs and tracking matrices for key packages
  • Detailed phasing and zonal plans that are derived from the main construction sequence
  • Generation of key project milestones to track performance KPIs
  • Resource loading, levelling & S curve generation
  • Establishment of contract baseline for reporting
  • Preparation of detailed progress reports that can be tailored to suit your needs and level of detail required - covers all time related aspects of the project.
  • Continuous project tracking of the programme against the agreed baseline
  • Straight line progress reporting and recovery analysis
  • As built analysis and representation of project changes and delay

7D Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our 7D Building Information Modelling (BIM) services provides a 3D visual

project view linked to the construction time sequence BIM communicates critical information including material quantity, interface between building components and cost estimation whilst 4D visual modelling has introduced the added dimension of


Projects Portfolio

US Army, Corp of Engineers - Denison Hydroelectric Dam, TX

Demo'ed and replaced the existing 121kV single-tank oil circuit breakers in their substation with ABB SF6 dead-tank circuit breakers. Field installed new connections to the existing substation bus work and matched the new breakers to the old control and protective relaying system. Modified existing concrete pads to accept the new circuit breaker configuration.

US Dept. of the Interior - Grand Coulee Dam, WA

A Design-Build project to demo and replace the 3000A, 15kV station service switchgear after a catastrophic failure destroyed the original lineup. Work entailed coordinating new Main-Tie-Main equipment design into the existing area, integrate new controls and relaying with existing SCADA system, modify the fire protection system for the new equipment, upgrade the existing remote & local generator control boards, and connect the new power cables to old, damaged cables.

Solyndra Corporation - Fremont, CA

Designed a 609,000 solar panel production facility capable of producing panels that would generate 500 megawatts per year.

Created standardize robotic work cell layouts to reduce construction costs and

maximize production efficiency. Produced Automated Material Handling System design for system production..

NextERA Horseheads Wind Farm - Abilene, TX

Abilene, TX; Designed and installed a new 138 kV capacitor bank, upgraded and integrated the protective relaying for the new equipment with the existing substation relaying, added new data points to the SCADA system. Installed new concrete pads and connection to the substation ground grid.

US Department of Veterans Affairs - VA Medical Center, Albuquerque, NM,

A 3.2MW Solar PV Installation design-build project to install parking structures and roof-top units and connect to the existing 15kV perimeter ring-bus.


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